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2012年1月 9日 (月) 投稿者: media_staff

スウェーデンのゴットランド大学のSteven  Bachelder先生が2011年12月9日に来学し、メディア学部のゲーム教育と研究施設を視察するとともに、ゴットランド大学のゲーム教育とスェーデンのゲーム産業について講演をしていただきました。

Global Game Jamなどの交流も計画しており、今後、大学間協定を結び、教員同士の研究協力や学生の交流などを進めていくことを話し合いました。

professor bachedler



Steven  Bachelder先生の講演題目と内容は次の通りです。

Titlethe Game Education at Gotland University and the Gaming industry in

Now and Future


This talk will be a presentation of the Game Education at Gotland University and the International Research School of Game Design, (IRSGD) which is collaboration between Gotland University and Uppsala University. I will present the Gaming industry in Sweden, the curriculum of the university and how the university works together with our industry partners. I will demonstrate some of the students work in games and CGA and go into more detail on aspects of game design. The talk will conclude with a presentation of International Research School of Game Design and plans for the future.


Professor Steven Bachelder holds a professorship in artistic expression in convergent media at the University of Gotland where he cofounded the game design education in 2001. Today he is subject responsible for Expression in

Convergent Media at the Institution for Game Design, Technology and Learning and is the appointed chair for the International Research School of Game Design instituted in collaboration with Uppsala University. Bachelder has been teaching in the interactive arts and convergent media since 1995. He has been involved in major international exhibitions such as "Deposition", Venice Biennial and "Øtherlands, Description of the Equator and some OtherLands", Documenta X, Kassel.

His profile in the arts is in creating large participatory immersive environments shifting the focus from the art object to the participation and cognitive processes of the viewer. Bachelder´s focus in games research is upon defining the core essence of game design and its potential as a new art form.






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